Building a new world of tennis online

Well, maybe not today! But apparently, next week will be. I have scheduled four matches throughout next week; Ruth, Norman, Ned, and I will be playing on our local court.

To keep track of the last couple of games between the four of us, love-11, and love-all. Terrible, I know, but we have only just started playing and that’s why I created this website / blog / online diary – call it what you will.

My husband and I have only just discovered our love of playing tennis; it’s been a long time passion, but we never thought about playing it ourselves and never even went as far to buy a pair or quality tennis rackets until just last month! We did also buy some balls…

A little summary of last week’s game:

  • Ned nearly broke his wrist (almost definitely strained it, but not broken)
  • I grazed my knee and elbow and we all ended up very sweaty, but happy and satisfied.
  • It’s absolutely brilliant exercise too!! Far better than a gym membership that I just categorically know we will very rarely, if ever, use! You can also develop a very fetching tan and some equally fetching tan lines! Maybe not so fetching when the clothes come off at the end of the day… although…
  • Plenty of vitamin D is to be gained from a whole day of playing in the sunshine. And vitamin D is really needed for us now we are older and a little less robust.

I think that we will do a lot better next week – all of us.

I’ve also taken to watching plenty of videos about various tennis playing techniques and tips. This one is particularly interesting, as is the player!

I really love how he moves, and how he keeps such a close eye on the ball and anticipates where it will land, so he’s there before it actually lands.


UPDATEL WOW!!! What a match!!! – we were glued to the screen